This project was located on Samba.com having sold the Fridolin i was always intersted in owning a long bonnet convertible and found a RHD version for sale. After many months of discussion and planning to collect the car from the owner who was supposed to be Imigrating to the USA I drove to the south of England and looked at the remains of a very badly butchered RHD cabriolet. Knowing the guy was leaving soon I made a reduced offer feeling guilty that it took so long to view the car still far above what the car was worth but it had lots of parts with it and a saleable registration number once complete. Over the following 18 months I sourced parts both NOS and Rot free repairs cut out of other convertibles shipped from all over the world. but finally I decided to rip this shell apart and replace it with a less rotten Californian replacement.. I found a clean shell in CA but once again it wasnt as Honest as it at first appeared. The front has been hit and the rear quarter has been badly replaced but hey all repairable. UPDATE 25 may 2007 ............ So the plans changed and the verts almost complete. Lots of welding ,painting and preparation got it to where you see it on my homepage now. see the last page for final specs as this car is far different from anything i have ever attempted before.