Having sold my 1970 Karmann Ghia Cabrio in 1988 I was looking for another project I saw this recently imported Double cab at VW Action 1988 at the Royal showground at Stoneleigh. Many parts were missing but the vehicle was running about for much of the weekend. I didnt decide to buy it until a little while later. VW heritage put me in touch with the owner and i drove the split back from Southampton to HULL in the North with no wipers and defective Brake lights(Intermittant fault) Once the vehicle was home it was found just how badly it had been "restored" originally from Kansas USA it had been used as a Grain hauler and the bed was relatively straight and rot free but the Wheel arches at the rear were chicken wire and bondo as were the sills(Rockers) but the inner sill was made of a 2inch by inch oak plank. Suddenly not a quick restoration the van was mothballed for nearly 5 years while i searched for NOS parts and completed other rebuilds for both myself and a couple of friends cars. Finally the resto started in 1995 I replaced the front panel, Front arches, sills, Rear arches Passenger compartment floor and floor sections in the front area. Mostly with NOS parts. Many other parts were replaced or restored to factory condition and the van was painted Ruby Red. I bought a set of Bows through my cousin in Germany found in a local newspaper and the cover was Home made in a match to the original Materials including the fittings. On its second season it was shown at Taton Park VW northwest and took a second place. The vehicle was put up for sale and finally traded for a 3000KM 1996 Mexican beetle to Dave Fisher of Kingfisher Customs so that I could use the Engine for my 1966 Karmann Ghia Convertible.