1965 Fridolin Recently reported as the oldest known fridolin

I had decided that the 66 Ghia Cabriolet was to be the final resto for the Volksmeister stable. Then a german friend visiting the UK asked if VW ever produced a funny looking van shaped model, asking if he could buy it for me. Knowing how much these prized VWs were fetching I hesitantly agreed as long as it wasnt too much. He purchased the van after I had seen two photographs(one of which starts this page off) a really daunting sight. The cost was 500 DM that was the equivalent of £150 a good buy I thought at the time. After about 4 months I finally got to gernany to collect the vehicle and oh boy it was still surrounded by what you see in the picture but the 18ft sail boat had been removed from the roof. I was shocked but it was mine and I had to get it home. The brakes were seized and the tyres were flat. after pumping the tyres up (they stayed up for almost a year) I pulled the van onto the trailer with a winch bending the rear bumper very badly. every panel was badly rotted including the floor which was no thicker than a sheet of paper. Having brought it home the car was ripped apart and much of the rot was cut out. whilst preparing for a parts collecting trip to germany I got a call from Steve Gilbert of One on One restorations offering me a large collection of NOS Fridolin parts. I visited Burnley aUsing Back button to Navigatend agreed to buy the everything I needed for the restoration for a princely sum, although still cheap in the grand scheme of things. I replaced the following parts with NOS panels. Front Valance,drivers inner wing,Wheel well and Tank support, Front wings, Floor pan(Fridolin only) one door, rear corners. Inner door panels,Bumpers, Swivel passenger seat complete set of Rubber trim, and reproduced rear wheel arches produced by Steve Hook of Hookys Panel shop. I made up heater channel sections and many other parts. The logo was found under the original paint and copied with a vinyl transfer and the car was painted in the original VW L63 Post Office Yellow. On its first show outing at BVF2002 it took second place in class loosing by 3 points, having been penalized 10 points for being trailered to the show. The shame was it was only trailered as it had already been sold to new owner Marvin Lee of Orlando Florida. So an honest comlete resto to Factory finish that was featured in Total VW in the July of that year. The story of the resto and sale is a long one and this is just a short version if youd like to know any more information email me and i will be happy to answer any questions.

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AS found in a german factory building sail boat on roof and rubbish all around
After collection  as found not having been cleaned for 15 years
Wide angle view after moving some of the rubbish Rear corner removed
Body after basting and laid on its side for easier access Sill and front fender rot
Rear arch part removed NOS Front end parts
Panels used to repair the drivers side NOS parts and NOS Pan
Steve Hook repair panel Metalwork removed at front to good steel
This is what was left of the shell after all the bad metal was removed ready for the NOS panels Removed rear steel around heater chanel area
NOS panels fitted to the front Primered shell
Completed floorpan

Pan and shell awaiting mating up

Rear tailgate from the interior Drivers compartment
Rear inner panels Drivers and folding passenger seat
Passenger seat folded away NOS speedo and steering wheel
Under Hood area showing NOS tools Unfinished motor
Completed vehicle with livery fitted Closeup of the Original livery
OK so now some pics of the frid after it hit the US shores, and how it morphed into its alter ego. And the final one with its new owner in pride of place, the lounge. Disclaimer (I am not responsible for the following )
Lowered on BRMs Front View
Rear View Pride of place in the present owners home