66 RHD Beetle

The story behind this latest restoration is quite a long one in time rather than telling, A year or so ago I was collecting parts for my 58 resto from Andy Fleet in Norfolk UK, whilst in his workshop there was a Bug which had been in an accident. He intended to repair the car but with other commitments never got around to it. Whilst in a conversation later I asked if he still had the car and was told it was still sitting in the shop. So a deal was struck to trade some wheels for the car. It was in need of a Door pillar repair along with the replacement of some parts such as door and wing(Fender) and some smaller patch welding to combat the inevitable rust issues. The intention was to repair the damage and complete the smaller repairs using some used parts, The car was to become a driver rather than a show car, and repaired on a very tight budget with a few nice addidtions like some POPOUTs and Rossi Headlamps, and for fun some 5 lug sprint stars ( sadly these never made it to the car ) As i traded the car for a 1914cc Drag racer with a local VW enthusiast. The trade included the basis of a 1776 motor i intended to use on the 59 Convertible project.

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As seen in workshop before purchase Wheel well and inner wing area relatively clean

Wheel well and inner wing front area with door pillar cut out


Original 1300 motor Rear view of nice looking car Original untouched dash
Rear wing area and small crease in rear quarter panel Door pillar removed with replacement panel supplied with the car Excellent original headliner
Replacement door pillar of slightly later vintage

Door pillar removed  with minor crease on dash to windscreen pillar

Dirty seats
Replacement door that came with the car shown sitting in place Slightly later front door pillar and quarter that was used to fix the car Washer tray rot starting to show bad
Washer tray removed prior to cleaning up replacement VW washer tray installed and etch primered Replacement tray painted
Bumper hanger and horn bracket rot Bumper hanger bracket removed
Bumper hanger replacement replaced from alternate front clip
Painted bumper hamger looks almost original Replacemet quarter trial fitting Replacement quarter trial fitting prior to Heater channel relpacement
Damaged door awaiting salvage of windows and locks Rear wing fixing rot Repaired rear wing fixings
Rear bumper hanger removed Superb Hookys repair panel Rear bumper hanger replaced and paonted
Usual rot under the back seat area Nice VW repair panel from VW Heritage Primered rear quarter repaired
Finished car rear view Rear view with some trim Damaged side repaired rear view
Nice front view of a 6V bug with patina after damage repair Drivers side  finished
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