1966 GHIA Convertible

Having finished the 69 Cabriolet I wanted another Ghia convertible I had long since sold the 70 ghia and wanted to as they say have a go at another, but this time I wanted something a little out of the ordinary. When I arranged to trade the Bug for this ghia i also did a deal on a 72 Ghia pan and transmission. so 66 shell and an IRS pan the best of both worlds. Also I wanted to put a 1600 Fuel injection Motor in the car and traded my Factory Finished Double cab for a Beetle to strip the engine out of.. The interior was to be different too. I wanted a RHD conversion and the dash I came up with was much to early and so I sold it for the same as I paid. I kept looking for a dash and came up with a RHD modular dash in a Datsun 240z which with some minor(OK i admit Major) adjustments fitted beautifully. I put in Home made seat frames to fit the MG Metro seats I had covered in Leather. This was no easy project as all the alterations had to be worked out and each job took twice as long as if I had left it stock. I remounted the battery under the back seat and closed off the rear panels with rolled steel panels on top of a lot of soundproofing. Initially I wanted to fit 5.5 tyres under the back arches but without major Mechanical mods it wasnt possible so I put 4.5 Sprint stars all round. As for the bodywork the Nearside front wing was replaced as was the front nose cone and a headlight section on the offside,wheel well and tray a rear sill replacement section, rear battery tray area and rear apron were also fitted along with floor pan repair sections.The car won many runner up places in Concours even though it was completely un original. This car was recently sold to a collector who Im led to believe uses it almost daily with his partner in London.