The aquisition of this project has an interesting beginning. It all started after I had sold the red Ghia convertible I had already obtained the Double cab and was using the spare cash I had to buy and sell Mint & Boxed Die cast VW models, I had a large and interesting collection at the time, I was dealing with the owner of the then VW Models by sourcing his stock in the North of england Toy fairs. He had bought several Convertibles from California and the last he imported was this car. He offered it to me but wanted far too much money. I had pointed out some of the damage and parts still required to start the resto. Some time later he asked me again if i wanted it but this time for a lot less, We agreed to do a deal, A large proportion of my collection and a smaller amount of cash for the vehicle. Sadly VW Models ceased trading before the vehicle was finished.I had to store the car for some time before I could give it room and atention. I converted the vehicle to Right hand drive, replaced the front Inner wings. wheel well and apron and rear package tray area. I fabricated my own replacement chassis rails from pressed steel section. The interior was retrimmed by me in Red and white, a decission which I later regretted. I had the paintwork done by a Paint shop in pearlescent red. After 2 seasons use i decided to move this car along and advertised it at the VW shows having not sold it i traded it for a new project of a 1966 Ghia convertible.