This is probably the car that I need to blame for my obsession with VW restoration.I was driving my then car a 70 super bug at a show and asked the KGOC if there were any ghia cabrios for sale i wanted a driver they said no but would put a wanted ad in their magazine. I got a call from a guy in Holland who had 2 for sale. A rotbox and an honest one with some holes in the floor. So I sold the Bug and travelled to Holland I found only one left the more solid of the two a 70 convertible I didnt like the look of the header bow all wrapped in tape but he said it was a quick fix. on my way home I drove through germany and bought a full set of Marathon wheels for £60 When I got home however while unpacking the car I found that my foot went straight through the floor, so along came a full restoration, remember that I now had no car to get to work i had to beg the use of my fathers bay window bus. The car was stripped of everything the body went to a local bodyshop who painted it the original Bahia Red, The floor was repaired with replacement panels supplied by the seller of the car free of charge. Every rubber was replaced the rear screen was replaced along with the front . All the chrome was rechromed locally. And the top cover was replaced. The Headlining and padding was Homemade by me as a match to the original. The car was taken to the First show and won best of show and to the very first Taton Park VW Northweest and took best in class and best of show. I was very proud that day. I kept the car for a number of years finally selling it to fund the deposit on my new house in 1988. The buyer was Stan West the owner of the German & swedish parts company as a wedding present for his new wife. Alas then I was VW less, so i went on the search for another and the story continues to the present day.