There is not much of a story to this project, it was bought from a fellow VW club member as a restoration project, having stood for quite some time both at his house then at mine, I always remembered my first real beetle resto which was a 1970 Flat screen super beetle which handled really well and went like a thing possesed with its 1600 dual port engine. The story of this car starts wen i removed the rot in all the usual places having just learned how to weld. I replaced much of the front and inner wing repairs. Otherwise the rest was fairly solid. I welded the dash grilles op and replaced the grilles with some original NOS VDO guages including a nice Tachometer.Whilst on a parts buying trip to germany I bought a set of Mexican Special Bug Stripes and logos which I really liked to complete the job. The car was welded and prepped at home and sent to a Paintshop to Topcoat, I wanted VW Bahia Red and on first collection the car came back a brick red colour, so after rubbing it flat it went back to be repainted in the correct colour, The paint mix had been given by the company incorrectly so they funded the repaint. I never quite got the car finished at the time as I needed to build an engine, but started a relationship and the car took a back seat, The girlfriend didnt mind me working on cars especially her beetle but I had no enthusiasm, so I mentioned that i may sell it to a fellow club member, later that season i got a call from a lady looking for a beetle but not necessarily at the price I was looking for. So i had to build an engine for the car. She had several cars to see and the club member said if it was too much she could always see what a proper restored bug should look like and I would show her what too look out for. She came loved the car took one look at the others and called me to say she wanted the car. So there we have at least one resto that i didnt even get a chance to enjoy. But I enjoyed the process and a very nicely finished car went to a lady who had fun with it.