1974 Swiss VW Type 147 Fridolin

Not one of my cars but one thet snuck in whilst i was working on my 59 Convertible, i was approched to look after a car for a very good friend in america who had bought it from germany. It was delivered for me to store for a while. Later i agreed to complete the welding for him. As with every comercial vehicle it drove here and was as rotten you could imagine. The original idea was a rat look daily driver, but the more rot i found the more metal i had to cut out. And then i had quite a few panels to make and fabricate alongside some that were obtained from Steve Hook. The work goes on, Update sept 06 In paint but boy what a job, Im no sprayer so not a good job. However with some sanding and polish a nice Ratlook finish came about by mistake. Personally id repaint again but my buddy says leave it so thereit is.

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Check back for further updates as work progreses
As Delivered in May 2006 As delivered in May 2006  Checkout the rust
As delivered May 2006 Swiss big window and corners Under the patch panel over the rear wheelarch
Rear bumper hanger hole Rear apron and bumper hanger hole  really rusted away
Passenger side apron removed and bumper repair Small Panel remade to fit bumper hanger holse area
Patch welded in to repair rear corner Alternate view of Patch
Rear apron replaced Passenger Fender front lower in front of door
Fender repair panel Home made Fender repair trial fitting
Rear Arch rust patch Rear arch removed
Rusted kick panel corner where mounting bolts sit under Kick panel repair started in pieces
Kick panel repair welded in Kick panel finished job
Rear crossmember replacement Crossmember heater plugged up
Cross member extension piece made up Cross member extension piece fitted
Rear Battery tray area behind removed wheel arch Battery tray removed
Hand made Battery tray replacement Battery tray refitted
Patch panel for mirror on arrival, Rivets removed Area under repair patch for mirror
Mirror fixing rot removed Mirror fitting repair patch refitted
Mirror repair ground back Passenger inner wheel arch box rot
Inner wheel arch rot removed Inner wheel arch box repaired with panel made up on bead roller
Inner wheel box repair complete Fender Headlamp panel repaired
Headlamp bucket removed Bug Headlamp bucket replaced
Fender top original patch panel Rivets removed Rot under patch panel
Extent of rust damage Fender top repaired awaiting minor filler
Tailgate catch rot Tailgate catch rot removed
Tailgate catch repaired Inside front Wheel well and apron damage
Bottom Of front apron Apron repair in 3 pieces
Inside apron repaired and covered in seam sealer for protection Front apron in primer
All rot removed on wheel arch and wheel box prior to repairs Test fit of Steve Hooks Wheel arch
Test fit of Steve Hook Panel Rot in inner Rocker/ sill
Sill/Rocker replaced and front fender repair fitted Sept 2006 in primer
First gloss coat in L63 Postgelb Closeup of rear passenger side in Gloss L63 postgelb
Front area of Pan with panHalves removed Whole Drivers Pan Half removed awaiting testfit of replacement
Repair panel came in 2 pieces great to fit Pan repair finished
Side view in colour Rear view in colour sept 2006