1968 912 Porsche

Ok so this isnt technically a restoration but theres always a story behind every every car I have aquired or worked on. This car was bought unseen through an advert on the Samba.com website. I was lookin for a motor for a project i was working on and decided that a 356 or 912 motor would be good. I paid approx $1600 for a complete car. It took some 18 months to finally get it shiped by the owner by which time my plans had changed and i never expected to get the car. Once it was in the Uk I decided that it was not a restoration I wanted to complete so i advertised it in the Porsche 911 magazine. It was bought for the asking price by a Porsche enthusiast in Staffordshire if i delivered it. This covered my original outlay and shipping almost to the penny.