1972 1302S Flat screen Super beetle

Having been bought a 67 1500 to learn to drive in and failing miserably to manage to keep it roadworthy i bought another customised VW beetle and what a disaster that turned out to be, so i was told about a solid car in a local scrap yard nearby, I saw the car and couldnt figure why it was there, it turned out to be a 1972 1302S ( Flat screen super 1600 ) with disc brakes and a 1600 engine. The reason it had been scrapped was that the owner couldnt turn the steering, as the steering UJ had seized completely. I towed this car home after applying liberal amounts of WD40 to the offending UJ. Having run it for several years as a daily driver some 40 miles each way every day i blew up the engine doing some speed downhill on my way to work one day. I fitted a VEGE remaufactured unit into the car and decided that it was time to resurect the finish from the rattlecan red primer finish on the car. It was stripped down and repainted in the original Kansas red paint and looked the business. A short time after the repaint i was driving to work on a very frosty day and turned off the main road to avoid an accident and hit the back of a ford capri after skidding on black ice. So i needed a new bonnet. that was duly located on the west coast of the UK and fitted after being repainted by a local garage. Having got my car shiny and new i decided i wanted a Karmann Ghia convertible so i put the car up for sale while it was still gleaming. See the 70 Ghia page. As a post script i was amazed to have been tracked down some years later by the new owner of a now sad looking car which regrettably i had to tell that it was beyond economical repair after about 15 years of various owners.