68 Minor Transformation

Ok I will admit that this is actually not one of my cars, It was a "Project" that i was asked to do. The owner of this car allows me to run the 58 Convertible as a wedding car through his business. Elegant Rides of Driffield East Yorkshire, He said he had a saloon and wanted to use a Kit that was for sale by a leading Morris Restoration company to turn this humble car into a convertible for use in his business. Starting by welding in the strengthners ( Nothing as substantial as a Beetle) then cutting off the roof , welding in the windscreen frame topper and tidying up all the other convertible parts made that job complete. Problems always arise when you have to weld in parts and cut other parts out, A respray was required. This meant that the rear wings(Fenders) showed rot in the inner area which i had to fix and so on. A 4 week job turned into 3 months but hey presto another convertible. So It now runs around the countryside in brilliant old english white.




Last Updated 31/8/2007