1960 Ford Popular Deluxe
A relatively quick project for a local classic car enthusiast, having found this 1960 ford locally he wanted it tidying up. It was a one owner (I kid you not) 48000 mile car having been left in the owners garage since 1973 after the roof colapsed in the garage a few years ago the damp and ivy had taken hold. But it was all surface corossion and required only a very small amount of welding. The owner asked me if i would refresh the paint and some rubbers. I was happy to have something to keep me busy for a while.
Tatty car
Very rusty Bonnet after ivy attack
Rusty but not rotted sills Passenger side damage to side
Wing fitting rot and front panel rust in the background
All rust ground back to bare metal
Before rust removal of passenger side
After rust removal before final prep
Rusted front panel
Prep primer work on the rear
First primer coat
Painted car still needed some fitting up
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