Suzuki Baleno

Ok so its not a VW ill grant you that but I needed a replacement for my Daily driver and had been searching a Salvage yard with a friend for a car for his daughter. Having seen this car on several visits but at a much higher price i was interested enough to make a serious offer for it and it was accepted. You will see from the pictures that it had sustained severe damager to the back and needed some major work to get it back on the road. Needless to say the car had been hit hard but looks can be decieveing and it came with the back half of another same coloured saloon car of the same year in the deal. I had intended to only use the outer skin of the parts car in any case as i wasnt in to a cut and shut job. Work started on the 31 may 2002 and was completed by the 8 June 2002 having replaced the rear wings and slam panel and repainting in the leaf green metalic paint.